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Schöder - Günster Wasserfall – Etrachsee – Tamsweg – Murau

This section offers a one-day program for those fond of car/motorbike tours.
The 60 m waterfall means a breathtaking spectacle. Etrachsee is situated a few kilometers from here. At the lakeshore you can enjoy sunshine and coffee from the local host.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains on the way to Tamsweg. You can go shopping or have lunch at the pleasant main square in Tamsweg, the capital of the region. On the way back to Murau you can visit the Wood Museum in St.Ruprecht which presents the significance of wood, one of the greatest attractions of the neighborhood.

Gstoder – The mountain located 15 km from Murau can be conquered by mountain bike tourists as well. After passing the Wood Museum in St. Ruprecht the mountain route leads up to 1500 m (can be reached by car, too – road toll: 4 €). Starting from Jogaus hütte you can walk up to 2100 meters (about 1.5 hours).


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