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Chanterelle hunt
Murau is paradise for mushroom experts! A wide range of mushrooms can be found in the moist soil of hillside forests. But be careful with poisonous mushrooms! Ask for the expert’s opinion!
Chanterelle paints the deep forests surrounding Murau yellow from July to the middle of August.
You can collect them for dinner on a pleasant excursion and prepare and eat it together at our hotel! Try the favorite of local people: chanterelle stew with bread dumplings.

Useful information:
-After having asked local elderly people you can easily discover chanterelle, since it always grows at the same place. So it is worth entering coordinates in your GPS:)
-The law regulates mushroom collection: you must not take home more than 2 kilograms
-It is worth twisting chanterelle out of the ground with its root. This way you do not damage the mushroom and lose less of it, if you only cut the end with a knife. And its stem is really typical, so you surely will not mix it up with another (potentially poisonous) mushroom.
-Do not collect mushrooms in a plastic bag, because the mushroom “sweats” if it does not get air and gets bad quickly. It is worth taking a basket or paper bag. It stays fresh in the fridge from maximum two days.

Several hiking routes offer active recreation in the picturesque mountains surrounding Murau:

Frauenalpe – the mountain rising above Murau on the southern side. The 9-km-long mountain serpentine starts a few meters from our hotel and leads you up to the hütte of the ski slope starting at 1500 m (Murauer hütte). The one-and-a-half-hour excursion starts from here to the summit at 2004 m. It is suitable for families, too.

Stolzalpe – the mountain bordering Murau from the north. It is not necessary to sit in the car to reach Käferhube pension located at about 1200 m on the hiking route starting from the city where you can take your well-deserved rest after the approximately 45-minute mountain walk. Stolzalpe sanatorium is only 10 minutes from there. Its museum offers insight into the past and present of health care.

Kreischberg – The chair lift operating in July and August promises pleasant approach of the height of 1700 meters. We can eat our trout caught by hand in the lake of Rieglerhütte located there. Successful fishing means an everlasting experience for both the young and old. While the owner of the hütte roasts your trout, you can go on a nice excursion to the Rosenkranz summit at 2200 meters while mapping the routes of winter ski slopes. The hütte can also be reached by car from June until the middle of October.

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